Pregnancy Checklist

Whether you’re expecting a baby, there is always so much to do before the big day! Having a Pregnancy Checklist of what needs to be done beforehand can make all those tasks easier and less overwhelming. There are things you can do, and some that you need to wait for until just a few weeks before the baby arrives.

Once you find out that your baby is on his way, many emotions are running through your mind. Joyful anticipation becomes replaced by excitement and nervousness as the reality sets in that this new life will soon become a part of yours too!

All this leads to the next logical step: the Pregnancy Checklist. Every new parent-to-be needs a way to track all the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, and a Month-By-Month Guide to Pregnancy can help you do just that. The following guide includes information on diet, exercise, weight gain, safety, etc. You’ll also find information on typical milestones, medical tests and procedures, and more.

First Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

The first trimester of pregnancy is often one where women experience increased tiredness. This can be partly due to physical changes in your body, such as heavier ligaments and muscles preparing for childbirth. Still, it also has a lot to do with how emotional you feel about being expecting again! This feeling usually kicks off around the second week after conception when estrogen levels start rising and other hormones needed by pregnant ladies like progesterone or cortisol (both crucial components involved during labor).

You’ll quickly notice these new feelings manifesting themselves through insomnia patterns too: lack of sleep the first two weeks after conception is something most pregnant moms experience. Tracking your sleep habits throughout your pregnancy can help you determine if you are experiencing any hormonal pregnancy-related sleep deprivation. The first trimester of pregnancy typically lasts for 28 days, from conception to the end of the first trimester.

Month 1 (Weeks 1-4)

Now that you are pregnant, there are many things to take care of.

⦿ One important step is verifying the pregnancy and ensuring everything appears normal with your OBGYN (or doctor).
⦿ You should also explore how much insurance plans will cover prenatal care before starting any treatments or appointments; this way, we can help fix it right away if something goes wrong in-between visits!
⦿ Also, make sure to find a clinic that you are comfortable going to and can trust.
⦿ You can also sign up for classes at your local community college to earn your degree while pregnant.

Month 2 (Weeks 5-8)

⦿ It’s time to get serious about your pregnancy! Make sure you schedule all of the important tests and appointments. Your doctor will recommend a specific test routine, but you should start planning ahead by making an appointment or two now so that when the baby comes along, everything can go smoothly from day one with no hitches insight
⦿ The cost of having children isn’t cheap
⦿ Plan early if possible because there are always some expenses that may come up once again down future pregnancies due unexpectedly during this most special stage, such as car seats, baby furniture, and pre-pregnancy clothing.
⦿ Once you complete the required and recommended testing, schedule your first prenatal appointment. Your physician will examine you and perhaps do some basic blood work.
⦿ From this point on, you will attend about one appointment per week, depending on when your doctor allows you back to work and the limits of your doctor’s recommendations. Keep in mind that there is no “right” number of appointments to make.

Month 3 (Weeks 9-12)

⦿ Decide whether or not you would like to know the sex of your baby. Some other couples like to know, while others want to wait until the baby is born to find out. Talk with your partner and decide what is best for you.
⦿ Research the maternity leave policy at your workplace. You might not be using maternity for some time, but ticking it off the to-do list early provides you with one less thing to worry about.
⦿ Your doctor will check your progress at each appointment, and if there are any issues, they will let you know. You should also feel more comfortable with your care provider and their recommendations.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

The second trimester is the best and most good time to get all of those little things done that you have been putting off. You will have more energy and less morning sickness, so it is an ideal opportunity for a pregnant woman! In addition to getting things done around the house, this is also the time that many women feel better about their bodies. Increased energy levels and better moods can be attributed to the fact that you are no longer fighting morning sickness and feel better about your appearance.

Month 4 (Weeks 13-17)

The wonderful news is finally out! Your friends and family will be overjoyed to know that you’re having a baby.

⦿ Start shopping for some maternity clothes now, so they can see what their new little one looks like when it is time to come around soon enough!.
⦿ You might need to get fitted for a new pair of maternity pants at this point and perhaps a new shirt or two.
⦿ Learn what it means to be a parent!
⦿ Join a local parent group where you can meet other moms and dads. -Many websites offer babysitting assistance and/or offer in-person classes for parents of multiple.

Month 5 (Weeks 18-22)

⦿ Make an appointment with your Ob/GYN and get another blood draw.
⦿ You might also schedule an ultrasound. Many pregnant women will start to feel better by now, so you might consider doing some light exercise throughout this month.
⦿ You might also be able to have some of your clothes altered to fit better once you have the baby.

Month 6 (Weeks 23-27)

⦿ Your doctor will probably want to see the baby by now, so make sure to have a visit with them at your next scheduled appointment.
⦿ You might also start thinking about what to call the baby.
⦿ You might consider making a family tree to have a visual memory of all of your relatives in case you forget their names.
⦿ You might also want to start planning that trip you’ve wanted to take for a long time.
⦿ Planning a baby shower is an exciting time, but it doesn’t stop there! You need to start thinking of what you’ll say and do when guests come over.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

The third trimester is exciting and might be a precious time for expectant parents. The growing belly, increasing breasts, and changing hormones can make it hard to stop your mind wondering what will happen once the baby arrives! During the third trimester, expectant moms are encouraged to continue to get plenty of rest.

This trimester is also known as the “growth period” of pregnancy. During this time, the baby grows from the size of a small seed into a toddler-sized child over three months.

The third trimester is also known for being the period when babies are at the greatest risk of being stillborn or dying in the womb. Despite the risks, many women report feeling happier during this pregnancy period. The third trimester is also when expectant mothers notice many physical changes associated with pregnancy, like stretch marks, increased vaginal discharge, and a growing belly. Many women feel the baby kick during this period. At once, your body is undergoing many physical changes that you may not feel.

This is when many women experience morning sickness, pelvic discomfort, and heartburn.  Many women also experience changes in their sense of smell and taste during this period.

Month 7 (Weeks 28-31)

⦿ Get a group together and ask friends, and family members, if they have any baby clothes that you could borrow? You may be able to get some furniture as well!
⦿ You can create a baby registry for your shower to let friends and family know which items will be most helpful as you prepare.
⦿Consider what you’ll name your baby!
⦿ You might also look into prenatal vitamins and supplements to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

Month 8 (Weeks 32-35)

⦿ Do some research on the different types of diapers and decide what will best work for you and your situation (such as the number of children in the house, etc).
⦿ You might also consider buying a stroller or carrier and a car seat if you are planning on using one.
⦿ Make a baby book to document your pregnancy and the birth of your little one!
⦿ Plan a trip to the nursery to get some items for your baby before the due date.

Month 9 (Weeks 36-39)

⦿ Get in the habit of signing posts in your “mommy blog” as your pregnancy progresses.
⦿ You might also consider keeping a “babies of the family” journal to document the first few years of your children’s lives.
⦿ Once you have your baby clothes and supplies, you can make a list of people to invite to your baby shower, so you’re not left with the burden of providing all the gifts yourself.
⦿ If you’ve been fortunate enough to have access to a pool, consider taking a swimming class or two to ensure your body is prepared for the physical changes that come with having a baby.

Pregnancy Checklist for Weeks 36 Until Delivery

As the time leading up to delivery gets closer and your due date approaches, you may find yourself feeling both excited about becoming a mother or anxious about how things will turn out. You are pregnant for at least 40 weeks, and that 40 weeks include your due date. The best advice and suggestion you can follow is to take it one week at a time.

Don’t try to set your baby-naming dates right away, don’t start planning your nursery right away, etc. Save those things for the last week before your due date, and give yourself a few weeks to wrap your head around the new baby in your life.

In the midst of all the excitement, however, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. Continue eating healthy, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. And, to be honest, don’t forget to keep a sense of humor about all this!

Final Thought Pregnancy Checklist

No matter how long or short your pregnancy is, it is a miracle-making time in your life. When the pregnancy is uncomplicated, you will feel better than ever before in your life. Your body will have transformed to allow for the growing life within you. You will love being a mom, and being a mom will be rewarding and fun for you. When you and your baby are healthy, you will experience beautiful bonding and amazing milestones together.